React Bricks

How to deploy your site

Static website

If you chose to build a Static website (for example using Gatsby or Next.js), you can deploy on any static hosting service.

The need for rebuild

A static website is great for many reasons, but it has the problem that, when content changes, the pages are not updated, as they are created at build time.

Rebuild as code changes

Providers like Netlify or Zeit Now, which connect to your Github or Bitbucket repo, are able to trigger a rebuild every time you push a change to the repo. But this still doesn't help when it's the CMS content that changes.

Hooks: Rebuild as content changes

Luckily with many providers you can create a Build hook, which is a URL that, when called (usually in HTTP POST), triggers a site rebuild.

ReactBricks let the Admin set the deploy hook URL, so that the Editor may just click a "Deploy" button to trigger a site rebuild and have the content updated.

Gatsby plugins

If you are using Gatsby and hosting on Netlify or Zeit Now, we suggest that you install a Gatsby plugin to handle security headers, caching headers and redirects.