React Bricks


React Bricks is two things at once:

  1. A React framework to build a block-based WYSIWIG content editing dashboard.
  2. A CMS as a service where the content is persisted, which also optimizes your images (low resolution placeholder and responsive versions).

Why choose React Bricks

With React Bricks you only work with the technology you love, without having to use a Wordpress-like CMS or the complex data modeling of a headless CMS.

It is unique because it is:

  • A hybrid CMS (the content you see in the Admin dashboard is just the same published on your website).
  • Framework independent: you may use Gatsby, Next.js or just React.
  • Styling independent: you may use the CSS framwork you like best to create you content blocks.
  • Hosting independent: host the resulting static site where you like.
To get you started very quickly, we have prepared Gatsby and Next.js starter projects ready with front-end and Admin dashboard.