React Bricks

Page Types

Page types are a way to group similar pages together.

Page of the same type share:

  • Allowed / excluded block types
  • Default status for new pages: locked or unlocked, draft or published
  • Default content and language

The pageTypeSchema is an array of pageType objects which is part of the configuration object passed to the ReactBricks component.

If you are using a starter project, you may just edit the pageSchema.js file in the /react-bricks directory.


Each pageType object has the following shape:

interface IPageType {
  name: string
  pluralName: string
  allowedBlockTypes?: string[]
  excludedBlockTypes?: string[]
  defaultLocked?: boolean
  defaultStatus?: PageStatus
  defaultLanguage?: string
  getDefaultContent?: () => IContentBlock[]

Properties definition


The unique name for this page type (for example "product").


The plural name is used in the editing interface (for example "Products")


Array with the names of the block types allowed for this page type. All the other blocks will not be allowed.

By default all block types are allowed.


Array with the names of the block types not allowed for this page type. It is convenient if almost all block types are allowed.

React Bricks will exclude all blocks:

  • Found in the excludedBlockTypes list
  • Not found in the allowedBlockTypes list, if this is provided.

The default lock status for new pages. For example, if you want the products to have a fixed structure, you may provide the default content and set the defaultLocked flag to true.


The default visibility status (draft / published) for new pages of this type.


The default ISO 639-1 language for this pageType. It is used in the <html> tag to identify the document language. Defaults to "en".


Function that returns the default content for a new page. The content is an array of contentBlocks, where each contentBlock is an object with this shape { id, type, props }

  • The id must be unique (we suggest that you use the uuid() function exported by react-bricks.
  • The type is the type of block.
  • props is an object with the props for the block component.

For your convenience, the Admin user can copy the content of a page to clipboard (Document tab in right pane), to use it as a starting point for default content.

Usage example

const pageSchema = [
    name: 'page',
    pluralName: 'pages',
    defaultLocked: false,
    defaultStatus: types.PageStatus.Published,
    getDefaultContent: () => [],