React Bricks

Working with pages

What is a Page?

A Page in React Bricks represent a unit of content.
Using the default starter projects, it corresponds to a page of the website.

But when you think that you may connect a React Bricks Page to any entity of a Headless CMS or an e-commerce product, a new world of possibilities opens up (stay tuned 🛰)

Page editing

You can edit the content of the page and its meta information (name, slug, meta title, meta description, language, published/draft, locked/unlocked) through the Admin dashboard.

A thing to remember, when using the starter projects, is that the page with slug "home" is the website homepage.

Each page has a pageType (see Page Types).

Based on the schema of its page type, when you create a page, it has a default content, status, lock status, language and it may have only some of the block types available.

If the content from the database contains some blocks unknown or not allowed (for example because they are no more allowed), you will see a warning with the number and type of invalid blocks. By saving the page, you will remove these invalid blocks.