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CMS for Next.js, Gatsby, Remix based on React components

Visual editing for content editors

with your own Design system!

From our Product Hunt launch

On Tuesday, May 24th we launched on Product Hunt and we reached 256 upvotes! 🎉

We want to say thank you to all the people who upvoted, commented, reviewed and shared their success story with React Bricks.

A big hug!!! ❤️

View is better
than preview

Content creators don't like grey forms.
Let them enjoy visual editing over your React components.
Make content editing fun. Again.

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Create visually editable blocks as React components for Next.js, Gatsby, Remix.

All the advantages of a headless CMS, but your users will love it.

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Content creators

Edit your website content visually as in Word or Pages.

It's like Wix for corporate, with your own pixel-perfect design.

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Next.js, Gatsby, Remix
React Bricks works with Next.js, Gatsby and Remix. You can switch framework in minutes.
Host where you like
Host the website and admin where you prefer: Vercel, Netlify, AWS, on premise...
Image optimization
Automatic creation of responsive images, lazy loading and serving from global CDN.
Up and running in 1'15" with the CLI
$ npx create-reactbricks-app

2,400 companies are using it!

Capbase website made with React Bricks
React Bricks allowed us to build a website that works with our React app quickly, cleanly, and smoothly. It lets us create WYSISYG components that our marketing team can build with, allowing them to create an easy to manage and beautiful website that drives business goals and is easy to maintain.
Stefan Nagey
Stefan Nagey
Founder @ CapBase, Inc.
Casavo website made with React Bricks
React Bricks helped us refactoring our website from Wordpress to Next.js, allowing us to build quickly the entire blog section reusing our internal design-system components library. No one from the marketing team would never go back!
Francesco Dominidiato
Francesco Dominidiato
CTO @ Casavo Management S.p.A.

What they say about it

Okay @ReactBricks is the first visual website builder to make me reconsider markdown
6:06 PM · 9 Feb, 2021
Read the great blog post by Swizec Teller about React Bricks!
I think stuff like this is the future! Please DM me if you find ways that Gatsby can support you better.
11:45 PM · 11 Mar, 2020
I've wanted to see something like this for a long time; will check it out.
10:57 PM · 23 Mar, 2021

How the Magic works ✨

This is the code of an example brick, a content block for React Bricks.

It is just a React component with a schema property, using React Bricks components for visual editing.

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