React Brussels 2023 - Brussels 🇧🇪

React Inline Visual Editing Now’s The Time

React Summit 2023 - Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Visual CMS… cool for React devs? Now’s the time!

ReactJsDay 2022 - Verona 🇮🇹

True visual editing with React

Laurie Voss @ We Are Developers 2022 - Berlin 🇩🇪

Web development: where are we, and where are we going? Laurie Voss @ Netlify says 'React Bricks is the future of web dev!'

XtremeJS 2021 - Online 🌐

React Bricks: a CMS with Visual Editing for Next.js and Gatsby based on React Components

React Brussels 2021 - Brussels and online 🇧🇪

React Bricks: a CMS with visual editing for Next.js and Gatsby

React Finland 2021 - online 🇫🇮

React Bricks: a CMS with visual editing based on React components

React Milano Meetup - Milano and online 🇮🇹

React Bricks: CMS con editing visuale basato su componenti React

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