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Frequently Asked Questions

Is React Bricks a no-code tool?

React Bricks is a "no-code" tool for content editors and it is a "code" tool for developers.

We want to give the best experience to everyone:

  • Easy for Content editors: if you can use Word or Pages, you can use React Bricks.
  • Flexible for Developers: it's just React!
  • Safe for Designers, as editors cannot break the design.

Do I need to be a developer to use React Bricks?

You need a React developer in your team to set up custom content blocks for your website, matching your corporate image, as content blocks are defined in code as React components.

Content editors don't need to be developers, of course: they have a simple point and click interface with best in class visual editing experience.

Is React Bricks a headless CMS?

React Bricks is two things at once: it is a headless CMS where the content is persisted and a React library that you use to create your content blocks, which powers all of our starter projects.

While a pure headless CMS doesn't know how the content will be presented in the frontend, as it provides a decoupled editing interface, the React Bricks admin interface (hosted by you, together with the website) leverage the React Bricks library to enable true visual editing over content.

What you see in the Admin interface is exactly what you get in the frontend, keeping all the advantages of a headless CMS (no hassles setting up your server)

Is React Bricks a visual tool?

Visual tools are usually not flexible (for example Wix, where you cannot define your exact design system) or too flexible (for example WebFlow, which allows your users to change the design tweaking CSS properties).

React Bricks is a Visual tool constrained by your code. The content editor can edit just what you allow them to edit (visual editing where your developers put a visual editing component, change sidebar properties as defined by you on a component-base).

In this way Content editors have all the freedom they want and no more than they need. Flexible so that the design is your pixel-perfect design; but also safe.

Is React Bricks just for React?

At the moment, yes. But we support all the main React frameworks (Next.js, Gatsby, Remix) and all the build/cache strategies: SSG (static site generation), SSR (server-side rendering), ISR (incremental static regeneration).

We are thinking of expanding React Bricks to other frameworks, like Vue, but we don't scheduled it, yet.

Is React Bricks open source?

No. The React Bricks library and headless CMS server code at the moment are not open source. All of our starter projects and the React Bricks UI library are open source with MIT license.

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