November, 28 2021

Visual editing !== No code

I believe that a corporate website should be created with code. I also believe that a CMS should offer the best experience to its everyday users: content creators. And the best user experience is visual editing. Are these beliefs in contrast? Not at all! Follow me....

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September, 04 2021

Code, No-code and Low-code for Content Management Systems

Low-code vs No-code: many articles explain the differences, benefits and drawbacks of the two approaches. In this article I'd like to narrow down the topic to that of content management systems (CMS). I will broaden the use of the term "CMS" to include visual site builders, which are starting to blend in with more traditional tools....

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June, 29 2021

React CMS: The missing link

You are a developer. You love your headless CMS. Having an API with no hassles and a modern front-end feels great. Do you think your users are happy too? Think again....

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April, 20 2020

React Hook Form: the best form library?

This is a very short post on a library I recently discovered (to build the beta subscription of React Bricks CMS) and which I love: React Hook Form....

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April, 07 2020

Static Site generation impact on API Servers

Does the new trend of Static site generation have an impact on API server resources? Let’s see!...

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March, 11 2020

Why you should change your CMS today

Today we released in beta a hybrid CMS that embodies the vision of my post “The shape of the CMS to come”, published on January 22, 2020....

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February, 19 2020

Server Side Rendering vs Static Site Generation vs Incremental Static Regeneration

Server side rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG) are two ways to create websites using a modern front-end stack (getting content from a server API) while preserving SEO friendliness and perceived performance. Lately Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) by Next.js offers a third way that's a sort of hybrid between the other two....

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February, 12 2020

You will love Tailwind CSS

There are few technologies that I fell in love with. React is one of those, Redux is another, even if I don’t use it as much today. I never fell in love with a CSS framework, until I discovered Tailwind, so I want to share my joy with you, sure that you will love it, too....

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January, 22 2020

The shape of the CMS to come

In this article I express my vision about the future of Content Management Systems. I think that CMSs haven't yet taken advantage of the convergence between Code and Design that we are witnessing in the web development world....

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