Why React Bricks?

Headless CMSs are great for developers, but not for content creators. And we can do better for devs, too!

Visual editing for content creators, React code for developers, no way to break design system, Enterprise ready: discover why you will love React Bricks!

Content creator or Marketing manager?

Easy to use! 🥳

Point, click, write. It's really that easy! With Visual editing, you edit the website content as if you were using Word or Pages.

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Multilanguage built-in

Internationalization is not an afterthought for an enterprise-ready CMS. Add a new translation with the click of a button!

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Schedule your publishing

Prepare content when you want and schedule the publishing in the future.

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Easy as Wix, but with your own corporate design and no way to break it.

Image optimization

Crop your images from the CMS, have them optimized for all the resolutions and served from a global fast CDN!

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Developer or CTO?

Leverage React

Convert your React components in visually editable content blocks, in minutes.

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Work faster

Don't go back and forth from a headless CMS to your code editor. It's just React!

1 minute setup with the CLI

One command and you have your project scaffolded with Next.js, Gatsby or Remix!

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No framework lock-in

Next.js, Gatsby or Remix: choose one, change your mind later. Switching framework is a matter of minutes.

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Learn in a couple of hours

You can learn using our Step-by-step Tutorial with Gamification. If you prefer, you can see a Video workshop by our founder. And of course you can read the Full docs!

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