Simply the best UX for editors
And best DX for React Devs

View is better
than preview

Content editors don't like grey forms.

Let them enjoy visual editing over your React components.

Easy for editors
Flexible for devs
CMS visual editing
👉 Watch our 3' video to see why you need it!
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The Weather Channel
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React Bricks sustainability

In 2023 we planted trees in 6 countries.

React Bricks is a Visual CMS for Next.js, Gatsby and Remix.

It is the first CMS great for both Developers and Content editors.

Developers create the content "Lego bricks" in modern React code. Editors create content in a visual way.

Everybody is happy. And a happy team makes great content.

Devs & Marketing: one Team.


Create visually editable blocks as React components for Next.js, Gatsby, Remix.

All the advantages of a headless CMS, but your users will love it.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Content editors

Edit your website content visually as in Word or Pages.

No need for training, no boring gray forms. Inspiring and fun, as it should be.

Try editing now


It's like Wix for enterprise, with your own pixel-perfect design.

Easy for editors, flexible for devs, backed by an enterprise-grade infrastructure and support.

Request a demo
Up and running in 1'15" with the CLI
npx create-reactbricks-app@latest

We scale with you

Easy to use, enterprise-ready.

Created by an agency who knows the needs of customers, developers and marketing teams.

Battle-tested by enterprises, universities and startups. Worldwide.

Visual editing

Point, click, write. Be inspired... without breaking the design.

Leverage React

All the power of React code to create your content blocks.


We speak your language. And the one of your customers.

Image optimization

WebP, responsive images, lazy loading, CDN: we got you covered!

Next.js, Gatsby, Remix

We love all the React frameworks and we support them all.

Host where you like

Vercel, Netlify, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud? Your choice!


Many editors? Let them collaborate on the same content.

Scheduled publishing

Publish on new year's day, midnight? Roger.

Media library (DAM)

A complete Asset Manager: crop, rotate, organize, re-use.

Advanced SEO

Meta, Open Graph and the complete implementation!

Integrations / E-commerce

Integrate external data from Shopify, Swell or any data source.


Multiple environments, Approval workflow, SSO, Change history, Scheduled backups, Fine-grained Permission and more!
React Bricks allowed us to have a beautiful website that drives business goals and is easy to maintain.
Stefan Nagey
Stefan Nagey
Founder @ CapBase, Inc.
website made with React Bricks
I've wanted to see something like this for a long time. This is how web development was always supposed to be.
Laurie Voss
Laurie Voss
Data analyst @ Netlify and co-founder @ npmjs
website made with React Bricks

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