Sustainability and Responsibility

Environment Program

We believe that a company should not only focus on profit, but also have the responsibility to serve as a positive role model. That's why we prioritize sustainability, both environmental and social, as one of our core values that guide all our activities.

We select suppliers that share this vision, ensuring that our commitment extends beyond our own operations to the entire supply chain.

React Bricks Environment Program

Carbon Dioxide Compensation

Our committment

We not only compensate for our carbon dioxide footprint, but also contribute to the environment by planting trees, primarily in Africa and South America. We selected Treedom as our trusted partner for this initiative, because, if it is true that planting trees is good for the planet, it is even more true that doing it incorrectly can create enormous damage to ecosystems, water supplies, agriculture and even people.


In 2023 we planted trees in Cameroon, Colombia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania.

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React Bricks Co2 Compensation
React Bricks Environment Program
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Your contribution

For each new React Bricks plan, after 3 months from activation, we plant new trees, which we donate to you:

  • 1 tree for each new Entry plan
  • 3 trees for each Scale up plan
  • 10 trees for each Enterprise plan

You will receive the Tree Diary which will allow you to follow the story of the project that your trees will help bring to life. You will also have the opportunity to see a photo of your trees being planted and discover the exact location where they will grow.

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