Belka helps companies create successful digital products that people love.

About Belka

The best products come from a mix of deep thoughts, colorful pixels, solid code, and a bit of magic. Some agencies get a brief, then go away for a few weeks and come back with something new and shiny.

Belka is not that kind of agency.

We stay very close to our clients during the whole process, planning, prioritizing, syncing and iterating together, sometimes to the point where the boundaries between us and them start to blur.

No internal design or development team? Or does your team need a few extra hands and brains? Either way would work great for us.


Trento, Italy 🇮🇹

Services offered

  • Design and front-end development of digital products
  • Mobile development for top-notch Android & iOS app
  • Websites for leading tech companies
  • Product Discovery via user research services
  • Design Systems


  • React Native
  • React Bricks
  • Expo
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Typescript

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