The best CMS for Startups

React Bricks is the best CMS for a tech Startup, where Marketing, Devs and Designers work together, with the best tools.

Why Startups?

It is not by chance that almost all of our first paid customers are startups.
A Startup has 3 characteristics that make React Bricks the perfect fit:

  • Strong technical skills, which often bring to a website that is already created with a React framework like Next.js, Gatsby or Remix. Introducing React Bricks is really easy in such an environment.
  • A vibrant internal marketing team which works side by side with the CEO and CTO and needs a great authoring tool.
  • The power of being able to try new things: a startup can take the risk to invest on another startup, if they see the advantages of a new product.

"We tried multiple traditional headless CMSs and they just were not cutting it, as they have just white fields asking you to add content without understanding how that content would look on the website."

Hannah Calvert

Hannah Calvert

Marketing executive @ Everfund

What a startup needs in a CMS?

A startup needs a CMS that:

  • Allows to create a website very quickly in order to start testing ideas as soon as possible.
  • Has strong foundations to scale, so that when things start to roll, they don't have to throw it away and start again from scratch.
  • Leverage the internal knowledge of their IT, and they are likely already using React to build their product or service.
  • Have an easy to use interface to change content: great content is written by trial and error; by writing, measuring and writing again. This is why a startup needs their marketing team to be able to change content easily.

React Bricks helped us refactoring our website from Wordpress to Next.js, allowing us to build quickly the entire blog section reusing our internal design-system components library. No one from the marketing team would never go back!

Francesco Dominidiato

Francesco Dominidiato

CTO @ Casavo Management S.p.A.

Why startups choose React Bricks?

React Bricks meets all the needs of a startup.

Need to create your website quickly?

We have customers who had their first prototype deployed in a matter of a few days. React Bricks UI pre-made content blocks are an inspiration to create your own content block and you can easily transform your current React components into visually editable bricks.

Need to scale?

You can start using our pre-made block to be up and running in 1 day, but with a solid foundation that lets you customize anything to meet your exact corporate image as soon as you have the time to create your own visually editable React components.

Need top performance?

React Bricks websites are created using blazing fast JamStack technologies like Gatsby, Next.js or Remix, so you can easily reach PageSpeed scores north of 97/100, using both Static generation or SSR with a caching layer.

Leverage your IT knowledge?

Your dev team is probably already using React for your startup code or for your website. If you have a design system created with React components, you can easily add the "visual editing" magic and connect them to React Bricks using the react-bricks library.

Need an easy to use interface?

Your content creators and marketing people won't need any training to use React Bricks.

If you can use Word or Pages, you can use React Bricks. Just write over the texts, upload images with a click, tweak properties via intuitive controls.

React Bricks allowed us to build a website that works with our React app quickly, cleanly, and smoothly. It lets us create WYSISYG components that our marketing team can build with, allowing them to create an easy to manage and beautiful website that drives business goals and is easy to maintain.

Stefan Nagey

Stefan Nagey

Founder @ CapBase, Inc.

Getting started

Creating a website or blog with React Bricks is a matter of minutes: you just need a free account and you can launch npx create-reactbricks-app@latest

From the React Bricks CLI you can choose one of the starter projects and a technology between Next.js, Gatsby or Remix.

Why React Bricks instead of a headless CMS?

1. Direct Visual editing

A direct visual editing experience like Elementor, but on a fast React frontend. Your content creators are productive as if they were using Word or Pages and they have no way to break the design system.

All the freedom Content creators want; no more than they need.

2. No context switching - It's just React!

With React Bricks you don't have to access a headless CMS to create fields and then come back to code to get the data and use it. You define your fields as props of your React components.

The props that are visually editable are managed by React Bricks visual components; the other props are mapped to sidebar controls. Easy and powerful.

3. No framework lock-in

Your site is framework-independent: you can switch from Gatsby or Next.js to Remix or viceversa in a matter of minutes, just setting up a new starter connected to the same React Bricks app.
No need to change from a GraphQL connector to direct REST API calls, no change of "Image" component (in your bricks you don't use the Gatsby or Next "Image" components, but the one from React Bricks, which is cross-platform).

4. No need to train your users

A headless CMS can be a complex beast for Content creators. They are not DB admins. With React Bricks they feel at home from the first minute. They are happy and don't need to ask you, so you save time.

"The experience was great, really smooth creating the blocks and it just works."

"With React Bricks we were able to move fast customising our website and building out more pages. We believe this is just the start of our relationship with React Bricks."

Christopher Burns

Christopher Burns

Co-founder, CEO

So, why React Bricks is the best CMS for a startup?

React Bricks makes both Developers and Marketing people happy.

Think of growing your startup, we take care of your content experience!

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