Why Everfund chose React Bricks to create an easy to update Next.js website

Who is Everfund?

Everfund’s goal is to become the go-to modern stack infrastructure to help developers create donation systems for good causes fundraising.

By providing low-code dev tools, Everfund abstracts away the knowledge needed to create successful donation systems without breaking budget and time constraints.

You can implement a full donation system very quickly using components for the JamStack and you get compliance, maintenance, security and... results.

The challenge

Everfund needed to have its website up and running as fast as possible but at the same time dynamic enough for non-technical team members to easily update content and pages’ structure.

Being a startup, they need to move fast, test new content, test new UI, see what works, and start improving again. So it is very important to have a product that is great for the Devs team, but also that allows the Marketing team to tweak content easily and without any friction.

They tried many traditional CMSs, but they were not able to have a great experience for their marketing team.

"We tried multiple traditional headless CMSs, but they just were not cutting it, as they have just white fields asking you to add content without understanding how that content would look on the website."

Hannah Calvert

Hannah Calvert

Marketing executive

The user experience

When Everfund found React Bricks they fell in love with the concept and they were able to put up the first prototype in just a few days, starting from the React Bricks UI bricks and then creating their own.

"The experience was great, creating the blocks was really smooth. It just works!"

Christopher Burns

Christopher Burns

Co-founder, CEO

The result

Everfund created a website with top-performance loved by its marketing department and developers. Now they are already at the second version of their US and UK websites with Blog, leveraging the fast iteration cycles that you can achieve using React components and the visual editing “magic” of React Bricks.

"With React Bricks we were able to move fast customizing our website and building out more pages. We believe this is just the start of our relationship with React Bricks."

Christopher Burns

Christopher Burns

Co-founder, CEO


Be up and running fast

First prototype

3 days




A website with top performance loved by its marketing department and developers.

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