Why the Neoskop digital agency chooses React Bricks?

Who is Neoskop?

Neoskop is a web agency from Hanover, Germany with the mission to give your target group a digital home and the vision to set new industry standards together with you. They believe in capable and passionate people in interdisciplinary teams, a creative & agile mindset and the courage to break new ground. They call this "heartworking" 🥰.

Business Structure

Neoskop has been in business since 2010 and is ever since owner-managed. Currently they have more than 45 experts, organized in 6 teams. In their wonderfully designed industrial loft they are realizing digital projects for both local and Europe-wide customers.

Frontend technologies

React in combination with Next.js or Gatsby. Sometimes Angular for business applications.

As for CMSs: Magnolia, Contentful and React Bricks.

The need for a new CMS

In general, you always have to weigh the developer experience against the editor experience. Most of the time editors are discontent with a headless CMS, because writing content by creating abstract items/assets and putting them together feels circuitous. Furthermore, not seeing a proper preview of the result often leads to another bad experience. On the other hand, developing with a “traditional” CMS is often constraining the developer and applicability.

Results, in their own words:

The developer experience is great because it is React all the way through. You don’t need to manage any other technology to fetch your needed content.

We love the main principle of React Bricks and are very happy with some features, like custom visual editing components, preview links, easy cropping of images... And our editors are happy as well!

Our homepage works as planned and our previous CMS was excelled. With only a few workarounds React Bricks fits perfectly to our needs.

Brand culture



45 experts


Improve editor experience

Website Stack

Gatsby + React Bricks


Great site and blog

Very happy people 😊

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