The CLI: ready in 1'15"

Developers love the CLI, because it is fast.
Create a Next, Gatsby or Remix project in 1 minute!

A website, a blog, anything!

With React Bricks you create your own content blocks as React components, to reflect your corporate design system.

To make your life easier, we already prepared some example ready-to-go projects with premade blocks that use Tailwind CSS, which you can use as a reference.

The projects you can scaffold with the CLI are:

Website with Tailwind

A website with about 20 ready open-source content blocks made with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS, responsive and dark-mode compatible.

Blog with Tailwind

A blog with about 10 ready open-source content blocks made with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS, responsive and dark-mode compatible. You have also a powerful "Code" block to write your code visually and have it highlighted on your blog. You can leave the safe harbour of Markdown, at last.

Empty (no CSS) project

React Bricks works with any CSS framework. If you don't use Tailwind, start with this project, add your own CSS and create your bricks!

Next.js, Gatsby, Remix

React Bricks loves all the frameworks!
See also Next.js, Gatsby, Remix

From the CLI you can scaffold projects with Next.js, Gatsby or Remix.


A very flexible framework with ability to use static generation, server side rendering or the great incremental static regeneration.


A great static generation framework, especially for agencies coming from headless Wordpress. The documentation is great and also the great availability of plugins.


The new kid in town. The good idea behind the framework is that SSR is great, paired with good old HTTP caching and the ability to execute functions at the edge. And they have very clean methods for data loading, mutation and error handling. Try it!

Projects you can create

The cartesian product of the options above makes 9 starters available to you:

  • Website with Next.js and Tailwind
  • Blog with Next.js and Tailwind
  • Website with Next.js with any CSS
  • Website with Gatsby and Tailwind
  • Blog with Gatsby and Tailwind
  • Website with Gatsby with any CSS
  • Website with Remix and Tailwind
  • Blog with Remix and Tailwind
  • Website with Remix with any CSS

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