Roles and permissions

Invite marketing people and content creators, assign the right roles and permissions. Enterprise ready with single sign-on (SSO).

Invite users to collaborate

When you create a React Bricks app, as a owner, you can invite other users to collaborate with you on that app. For example, if you are a developer or the CTO, you can invite other developers or people from the marketing team, like content creators.

Admin and Editor roles

When you invite a new user you can choose the role.


He can do anything on an app: create, edit, delete content, change settings. He cannot invite new users or change plan if she/he is not the Owner for the app.


He can edit the content. You can choose to give an Editor the permissions to create pages, delete pages, call the staging or production build hook from the React Bricks interface. He cannot change the lock status of a page.

Single sign-on

For Enterprise customers, we can set up single sign-on for you, connecting with all the main identity providers.

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