Real-time collaboration

When you have multiple content editors, a way to collaborate easily on the same content is fundamental to avoid conflicts.

Real-time presence

Every editor can see who are the users logged in the App in a certain moment, so that they know who is working on the app content.

You can also see the users who are viewing a page and the one who has write permission (with the pink border).

Page-level lock

React Bricks uses a very efficient pessimistic lock system. The first user who start editing the page gets the control and sets the lock on the page: no other user is able to edit the page until it is released.

When the user saves the page or change page without saving, the page is released, so that other users may edit it.

When a user needs to apply urgent changes to a page, there is the "force unlock" button which forces the release (unlock) and gives the control to that user.

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