Scheduled publishing

Publish on new year's day? Midnight? No problem. React Bricks is enterprise ready, with all the feature you need.

Schedule publishing in the future

React Bricks (Pro plan) allows you to have a page in "draft" status and schedule the publishing in the future: just select the date and time of publishing. At that day and time, your content will get the "published" state, so that it will be available on the frontend APIs.

We call your build hooks!

For static site generation, in order to see the new content published at the scheduled time, you need to call the deploy hook on your hosting environment (Vercel, Netlify, AWS, Github actions, etc.).

Don't worry: you don't have to click the build button at midnight to rebuild the website. Just set the "" checkbox in your build hook and we'll call it as soon as the new content gets published!

At midnight just make a toast with your favorite champagne (or better an Italian Franciacorta "metodo classico" ;)

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