External content

Use content from a headless CMS or an e-commerce system inside of React Bricks!

External content

Sometimes you have a legacy headless CMS where you have content you need to access, or maybe an e-commerce system that is the single source of truth for products. With React Bricks you can connect any external data source, as you can provide your own async fetch function on the page type and map the received values to a brick's content.

In this way you can just use content from the external source, or decide to have it as default, but let your editors override some of the external content (for example to improve the name of a product for marketing reasons).

Content from a Headless CMS

Whe you are migrating to React Bricks, sometimes you have to still get content from your legacy CMS. With React Bricks you can start migrating earlier, while keeping your current solution to avoid doing things in a hurry or losing content.

Content from an E-commerce

React Bricks is a great way to create a Next.js based e-commerce solution. While all the product landing page content can be created using React Bricks, you can access product price, availability or related products from your Shopify or BigCommerce APIs.

In this way you can keep a solid e-commerce solution and have a great visual editing experience for your product pages!

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