Host anywhere

You have the freedom to choose any hosting provider that you like.
Vercel, Netlify, AWS? You host, you choose!

Host the Frontend and Admin

The frontend website and the Admin interface are hosted by you, wherever you want: Vercel, Netlify, AWS, on premises... you choose!

React Bricks hosts the APIs as a service and all the assets on a global fast CDN. You don't need a backend server or any external service for images.

Advanced build hooks

For static site generation, in order to update the content on the website, you can set your build hooks in the React Bricks settings. We support custom headers and a JSON payload for the POST method, so that you can leverage also Github actions and advanced hooks configurations.

Staging and Production

With the Pro plan you can set up 2 build hooks, for the Staging and Production environments. You can assign to your editor users the permission to build in staging and/or in production.

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