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The best CMS for Remix

React Bricks is the best CMS for Remix with Visual editing.
A great new framework, a great new CMS!

Remix and React Bricks: the perfect match

Remix is a great new React framework grounded on rock-solid principles and web standards. React Bricks is a new CMS born for React with visual editing.

Put together, they provide a solid solution which is great for Developers, but also for Content creators.

Working with React Bricks in Remix is like playing Lego bricks, as you create content blocks as React components, super-powered by React Bricks' visual editing components.

Your content creators or customers will use these bricks to compose the content, with all the freedom they need, but with no way to break the design system.

Getting started with Remix

Creating a Remix website or blog with React Bricks is a matter of minutes: you just need a free account and you can launch npx create-reactbricks-app@latest

From the React Bricks CLI you can choose one of the 3 Remix starters:

  • Website with Tailwind CSS
  • Blog with Tailwind CSS
  • Empty project for any CSS framework

Why choose Remix?

Remix is the newest framework in the React ecosystem and has some great features that makes it the perfect fit for many projects. We fell in love with it as soon as it was released and so we immediately created the starter projects for Remix.

To understand how Remix works, please, see the Remix website. Here we want to give you the main selling points for Remix.

  • Remix is very fast, even on slow networks.
  • Remix automatically handles errors, interruptions, and race conditions.
  • The concepts of loader, action and the use of standard HTML forms submission are very clean.
  • Remix websites can run without JavaScript, when it is not needed for client-side interactions.

Why React Bricks instead of a normal headless CMS?

1. Direct Visual editing

A direct visual editing experience like Elementor, but on a fast React frontend. Your content creators are productive as if they were using Word or Pages and they have no way to break the design system.

All the freedom Content creators want; no more than they need.

2. No context switching - It's just React!

With React Bricks you don't have to access a headless CMS to create fields and then come back to code to get the data and use it. You define your fields as props of your React components.

The props that are visually editable are managed by React Bricks visual components; the other props are mapped to sidebar controls. Easy and powerful.

3. No framework lock-in

Your site is framework-independent: you can switch from Gatsby or Next.js to Remix or viceversa in a matter of minutes, just setting up a new starter connected to the same React Bricks app.
No need to change from a GraphQL connector to direct REST API calls, no change of "Image" component (in your bricks you don't use the Gatsby or Next "Image" components, but the one from React Bricks, which is cross-platform).

4. No need to train your users

A headless CMS can be a complex beast for Content creators. They are not DB admins. With React Bricks they feel at home from the first minute. They are happy and don't need to ask you, so you save time.

Why React Bricks is the best CMS for Remix?

React Bricks is great for developers, because you define the content blocks using React components. Each content block React component has also a "schema" static property that defines how props like the background color are edited via sidebar controls, validation rules etc.

In the JSX you can use the React Bricks library visual editing components, like Text, RichText, Image, Repeater, to have a visual editing experience like the one you can have with Wix, but with your own design system (so that you make your customers or marketing team happy, too).

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