The best CMS for Enterprise

React Bricks is the best CMS for enterprise with top UX for Marketing, top DX for Developers, ability to scale with no limits and Enterprise-ready features.

Features for Enterprise users

User friendly for Marketing

The inline visual editing of React Bricks is the best experience for your content creators: easy as Wix, but for enterprise.

Flexible for Developers

Content blocks are defined as React components: create your exact design system and be sure nobody will break it.

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Get content from your headless

You can use content from your headless CMS or headless e-commerce inside of React Bricks.

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We scale as you need

Scale to thousands of pages, hundreds of content creators and languages.

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Enterprise features

CollaborationSingle Sign-onGlobal CDNGet External dataE-commerce integrationChange historySelf backup and restoreScheduled publishingEditorial calendar

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Enterprise support

We want you to succeed, so we are really happy to help you and your team during the startup or migration process and afterwards.

We are available to shape together the best content architecture, integrate you e-commerce or legacy data, help you with the deployment or train your developers.

Don't take our word for it

See what the CTO of Casavo - raised 200M in 2021 - says about React Bricks:

React Bricks helped us refactoring our website from Wordpress to Next.js, allowing us to build quickly reusing our internal design-system components library. No one from the marketing team would never go back!

Francesco Dominidiato

Francesco Dominidiato

CTO @ Casavo Management S.p.A.

What our customers love

"We tried multiple traditional headless CMSs and they just were not cutting it, as they have just white fields asking you to add content without understanding how that content would look on the website."

Hannah Calvert

Hannah Calvert

Marketing executive @ Everfund

React Bricks allowed us to build a website that works with our React app quickly, cleanly, and smoothly. It lets us create WYSISYG components that our marketing team can build with, allowing them to create an easy to manage and beautiful website that drives business goals and is easy to maintain.

Stefan Nagey

Stefan Nagey

Founder @ CapBase, Inc.

"The experience was great, really smooth creating the blocks and it just works."

"With React Bricks we were able to move fast customising our website and building out more pages. We believe this is just the start of our relationship with React Bricks."

Christopher Burns

Christopher Burns

Co-founder & CEO @ Everfund

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