What is a CMS with visual editing?

With the advent of headless CMS we lost the direct visual editing of content, which represents a great UX for content editors. That is what you got once with a blank WordPress page, or now using Elementor. It is the experience of a nocode tool like Wix.

The best headless CMSs try to fill this gap providing an instant preview: you edit the code on a form which lays on a sidebar and you see the result on the page.

Unfortunately that is not direct visual editing. Writing in one place and looking for result in another place causes a much higher cognitive load. Developers are used to this: edit code in your IDE and see the result in the browser. Content creators are used to the much better experience of Word or Pages: you just click on the text that you want to change and write.

React Bricks fills this gap. With React Bricks editors click on the content and change it, sometimes tweaking properties on a right sidebar, as you do in a word processor or graphic design tool.

Easy as Wix, but with your own design system and code

Content creators love tools like Wix or Elementor.
Developers or Designers hate them.

Why? Because you cannot tweak the code, reproduce your corporate design system and be sure that nobody will break the design.

React Bricks is easy as a nocode visual site builder for content creators, but lets you create content blocks with React and choose what can be touched by your users: your Design system is perfect and safe.