The Admin dashboard

Log into the /admin

Click the "Edit content" button you see in the header. You will reach the Login page to access the Admin area.

React Bricks Tutorial - Login

Log in using the user credentials chosen upon registration.

Choose a page

On the left you see a sidebar with the example pages created for you by the CLI: click on the "Home" page. You should see something like this:

React Bricks Tutorial - Editor

On the central panel you can see the content that you can edit visually. On the right sidebar you can see the properties for the page.

Preview link

Click the "get preview link" button you see in action links in the top of the edit side.
This button copies to the clipboard the preview link of the page you are editing, so that you can share it without actually having it online.

Scheduled publishing

For the BUSINESS apps there is a useful feature that allows you to have a page published on a certain day and hour without the need of "Human click".
You just have chose the day in the right sidebar of the editor while the page you're editing isn't published yet and the API does the rest. Totally stressless!

Back to the future

Inside the "Settings" sections you can find in the header, there is a direct link to the dashboard where you can see your app history with all the changes.

If you click the button that says "Go back", your app will return to that state.

Docs reference
» The Editor

Look around! Take your time to explore the interface: in the next page we'll edit some content.

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