Create a Git repo

The fastest way to host your website on Vercel or Netlify is to connect their service to your git repository on GitHub (or BitBucket or GitLab).

First of all, let's create our local Git repo:

$ git init

Now, if you are using Visual Studio Code, you'll see that you have all the files to commit. Add all the file, set a "First commit" message and commit. Of course you can do it all via shell using git commands.

Now, go to GitHub (or BitBucket, or GitLab) and create a new repository. Follow the instructions to add the "remote" to your local repository and push the current branch to the remote. Usually it will be something like:

$ git remote add origin
$ git push -u origin master

Great, now our code is on the cloud, ready to be read by Vercel or Netlify.

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