File Upload & Download

Sometimes you need a way to let your users donwload a file: think for example of catalogs. So you need a way for your editors to upload a file and for your users to download it. You can easily do it using the<File/> component. Let's create a new brick with it!

import React from 'react'
import { types, File } from 'react-bricks/frontend'
const CatalogDownload: types.Brick = () => {
return (
renderBlock={(file) => {
return file ? (
<a href={file.url} className="flex font-semibold h-full items-center">
Download "{}" <small>({file.size.toFixed(2)} MB)</small>
) : (
<div className="flex font-semibold h-full items-center">
No catalog yet.
CatalogDownload.schema = {
name: 'catalog-download',
label: 'Catalog Download',

You see in the code that we check if the file is already uploaded: in that case we have the file's url, name and size available on the render function's argument.

If you like, you can also provide a default file using the getDefaultProps function in the schema.

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» File component
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